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Feeling Tension In Your Shoulders?

Do you feel tension between your shoulder blades?
You can easily reduce the amount of stress you feel by adding this simple stretch to your lifestyle. This month I am giving you a Serratus Anterior stretch. When this muscle is chronically tight it pulls your shoulders into a hunched position. There are more muscles that can be chronically short so come back every month to see what else we have for you.

When the Serratus Anterior gets tight it often causes pain between the shoulder blades! This muscle often gets short when sitting at the computer or doing any kind of work that hunches your shoulders forward. To prevent the shoulder pain you can do this simple stretch on a daily basis.

Grab your right hand with your left behind your back.
Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then using
your left hand pull your right hand down and bend
your neck to the left. Take a deep breath three times
and relax.

Repeat with other side.

Also, you will find a complementary exercise to this stretch for optimal results on reducing knots between our shoulder blades.

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