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Natural Remedy Massage is a place that provides massage in a safe warm environment.  We believe that each person deserves a massage that meets their unique needs.



To provide massage.


To have clients come in and get educated in what massage can do for them and what other alternative medicine could help them versus being stuck on pain pills their whole life.


To have a safe place for individuals to come and let go of their worries and pain.  To have a clean environment and a calm setting.  To keep accountable to myself and to my clients to always be on time.  I run the business by myself and I strive to ask the right questions so that I can give the best care possible.  I strongly feel that each persons body is different and that the same massage might not help another. I am blessed to have clients that believe in me and what I can do and hope that each guest leaves with an excellent and memorable experience.

SAFE:  We have a safe environment

CLEAN:  We provide a clean room with washed sheets and a bathroom.

ACCOUNTABLE:  We are on-time and rarely reschedule appointments

GRATEFUL:  We are grateful for all the clients that come our way and keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.


From being born and raised in Alaska to moving to Oregon my life has been a long fulfilling one. I am the second youngest of a family of seven and have many nieces and nephews.  When I finished high school I went straight to college and got my Associates in Applied Science of Culinary Arts.   I thought I was going to work in a bakery and cook up all kinds of sweet treats.  Soon after I got married and moved to Oregon it was in the year 2009 and the recession was in full force.  I couldn’t find a job and was lonely being so far away from family.  After a few months I decided to go back to school.  It was an easy choice for me to go to massage therapy school.  When I was growing up I used to ask people if I could massage their shoulders or their feet.  I loved it.   Soon after starting at the University of  Western States I realized massage was my passion.  There I took an intensive 750 hour program that focused on clinical massage. I got to work alongside Chiropractors and seen sprains, strains and even a broken nose. I learned that I love helping others have a positive change in their health.  I also, love to read, knit, hike, and travel.

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1084 Park Ave.
Woodburn, OR 97071
(Inside a residential home)

Client Feedback

I got a massage for an hour from Effie.... It was amazing!!
Vassa C.